AE 483        Fall 2017

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Navigation and Control

Lab Facility:

    Room 302 Transportation Building

Your TA's:

TAs Name


Lab Sections

Office Hours

Yijie Cheng

Mon 9-11am Mon 3-5pm Tues 10-12pm

Wed 7-9pm



Felipe Figueroa

Wed 9-11am Wed 3-5pm

Tues 3:30-5:30pm





Kevin Lohan

Fri 9-11am Fri 3-5pm

Fri 5-7pm

Lab 5


Laboratory Assignments


Starts the Week of


Lab 1 September 11


LAB1, LAB1 Rubric, LAB1_codefiles

Lab 2 September 25


LAB2, LAB2 Rubric, LAB2_codefiles

Lab 3 October 16


LAB3, LAB3 Rubric LAB3_sim_codefiles, LAB3_codefiles

Lab 4 November 6


LAB4, LAB4 Rubric, LAB4_sim_codefiles LAB4_Quad_Sim LAB4_GroundStation

Lab 5 December 4