AE 483        Fall 2019

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Navigation and Control

Lab Facility:

    Room 302 Transportation Building

Lab Safety:

Charging the Li Po Batteries

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Lab 5


Laboratory Assignments


Starts the Week of


Lab 1 September 2


Lab1 Week 1 Handout

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Quadrotor Flying Guidelines

Lab 1 Week 2



Appendix D

LAB1 Simulation Files



Lab 2 September 16



Lab2 Handout Week 1

Appendix E

Lab2 Handout Week 2



Lab 3 October 7



Lab 3 Handout

Appendix F

Lab.c Template


Lab 4 October 21



Lab 4 Handout

Drone Deployment Help

Appendix G

Simulator Files for VS 2015