ECE 470        Fall 2021

Introduction to Robotics

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Neeloy Chakrabory

W 9-11, Th 9-11

W 11-12

Peixin Chang

T 3-5

T 5-6

Dhruv Mathur

M 9-11, W 2-4

M 11-12, W 4-5

Chuyuan Tao

T 9-11, Th 3-5

Th 2-3





Lab Report Guidelines

Lab Schedule and Starter Code:

LAB 1 Starts week of TBD


Lab 1 Document


Lab 1.5 Tower of Hanoi Pseudo Code

Week of TBD

Lab 1.5 Document



Getting the Virtual Machine Working on your Personal PC/Laptop

Appendix C VMware Installation and Simulator Guide


Virtual Machine Files



LAB 2 Starts week of TBD


Lab2 Manual




Adding Suction Feedback


LAB 3 Starts the week of TBD



Lab3 Manual

Lab3 StarterCode


LAB 4 Starts the week of TBD



Lab 4 Manual



LAB 5 Starts the week of TBD



Lab 5 Manual

Lab5 StarterCode