ECE 470        Spring 2023

Introduction to Robotics

Lab Facility:

    ECEB 3071

Your TA's:

TAs Name


Lab Sections

Office Hours

Kaiwen Hong

AB6 Tu 4-6pm, AB7 Th 4-6pm

Th 6-7pm

Yizhen Lu

AB1 Tu 9-11am, AB2 Th 9-11am

Tu 11-12pm

Kazuki Shin

AB4 Th 2-4pm

M 3-4pm

Chuyuan Tao

AB5 M 9-11am, AB3 Tu 2-4pm

M 11-12pm





Lab Report Guidelines

Lab Schedule and Starter Code:

LAB 1 Starts week of Jan. 23


Lab 1 Document


Lab 1.5 Starts week of Jan. 30

Lab 1.5 Document



LAB 2 Starts week of Feb. 6


Lab2 Manual




Adding Suction Feedback



LAB 3 Starts the week of Feb 13


Lab3 Manual




LAB 4 Starts the week of Mar. 6


Lab 4 Manual





LAB 5 Starts the week of Apr. 3


Lab 5 Manual


Lab5 StarterCode



LAB 6 Starts the week of TBD


Lab 6 Manual


Lab6 StarterCode