ECE 470        Spring 2020

Introduction to Robotics

Lab Facility:

    Room 3071 ECE Building

Your TA's:

TAs Name


Lab Sections

Office Hours

Peixin Chang

T 2-4pm, T4-6pm

M 5-6pm

Shuijing Liu

T 9-11am

T 11-12pm

Mario Perez

M 9-11am

F 9-10am

Chuyuan Tao

Th 4-6pm

T 6-7pm

Ben Walt

Th9-11am Th2-4pm

W 12-1pm







Lab Manual Lab4 and Lab5 Changed to Online Format, Old Lab Manual with Lab 1 3 only,

Lab Report Guidelines

Lab Schedule and Starter Code:

LAB 1 Starts week of January 27th



LAB 2 Starts week of February 10th



Adding Suction Feedback


LAB 3 Starts week of February 17th



Lab3_StarterCode zip file


LAB 4 Starts week of March 9th





LAB 5 Starts week of April 6th



Lab5 StarterCode


LAB 6 Starts week of April 20th



Lab6 Starter Code