ECE 470        Fall 2018

Introduction to Robotics

Lab Facility:

    Room 3071 ECE Building

Your TA's:

TAs Name


Lab Sections

Office Hours

Peixin Chang

Mon. 9-11am

Mon. 3-4pm in 3071 ECEB

Yu Chen


Mon. 3-4pm in 3071 ECEB

Hang Cui

Wed. 9am-11am

Tues. 7pm-8pm 3071 ECEB

Siwei Tang

Wed. 2-4pm, Thurs. 9-11am.

Wed. 4-5pm in 3071 ECEB

Ben Walt

Thurs. 3-5pm

Mon. 2-3pm in ECEB

Jifei Xu

Tues. 9-11am, Tues 3-5pm

Tues. 11am-12pm



Lab Manual

Lab Schedule and Starter Code:

LAB 1 Starts week of September 3rd



LAB 2 Starts week of September 17th


lab2andDriver.tar.gz ROS Help Finding Suction Feedback

LAB 3 Starts week of October 1st



LAB 4 Starts week of October 15th



LAB 5 Starts week of November 5th



LAB 6 Starts week of November 26th






This Beta Web site is only used by a few lab sections. If your TA has not mentioned this Beta driver then do NOT use this website. Beta UR3 ROS Driver Website


This Beta Python Web site is only for Hang Cuis Wednesday 9-11 lab section. If you are not in that section you should not use this link. Python Beta UR3 ROS Driver Website