ECE 470        Fall 2017

Introduction to Robotics

Lab Facility:

    Room 3071 ECE Building

Your TA's:

TAs Name


Lab Sections

Office Hours

Jifei Xu

Thur 9am-11am

Thur 3pm-5pm




Kevin Meier

Tues 9am-11am

Tues 3pm-5pm






Xinke Deng

Wed 9am-11am

Wed 2pm-4pm


Lab Manual Currently has LAB 1 through LAB 4. Will be adding additional labs as the semester progresses.

Lab Schedule and Starter Code:

LAB 1 Starts week of September 4th



LAB 2 Starts week of September 18th



LAB 3 Starts week of October 2nd



LAB 4 Starts week of October 16th



LAB 5 Starts week of November 6th



LAB 6 Starts week of November 27th