SE 423 - Laboratory Handouts,
Notes, & Support Files

Last updated 3/31/2020 9:18 AM
Your Mechatronic assistants:
Dan Block, Chenzhang Xiao

Lab Safety

Charging the Li Po Batteries

Using the Drill Press and Dremel

Current lab handouts / Lab Due Dates

Lab1: Introduction to DSP Programming (Week of January 27th)

Lab2: SYS/BIOS and TCPIP Communication (Week of February 3rd)

Lab3: Introduction to I/O with the TMS320F28335 (Week of February 10th)

Lab4: External Circuit Interfacing and Glue Logic Design (Week of February 17th)

Lab5: Motor Control and Straight-Line Robot Driving (Week of March 2nd)

Lab6: Robot Sensors and Wall-Following (Week of March 9th)


Lab7: Robot Actuators and RC Servos (Week of March 30th)

Lab8: Robot Vision (Week of April 6th)

Semester Project :



Lab Supplementary Files