Finding Cold Beverage and Delivering to Warm Body

The goal of the project was to program a robot to find a "Cold Beverage" in a refrigerator and deliver it to a "Warm Body". Using an overhead camera for waypoints and position, we use a complimentary angle setup (overhead cam compliments a gyroscope) to find a "refrigerator" (cardboard box) and open it. The complimentary filter blends the angle calculations from the overhead camera and the integration of the rate gyro’s values over time. It compensates for the detrimental effects of drift in the rate gyro and the overhead camera’s relatively slow refresh rate. The robot will then go in and grab the cold can, come out of the "refrigerator", and then close the door behind it. The robot will then start searching for a "Warm Body" (candle or soldering iron signifying the cherry of a cigar) and drop the can off in front of the warm body for consumption. The search for the cold can and the heat source were done using a TPA81 Infra Red Thermal Sensor. The thermal sensor records 9 values, an ambient temperature, and 8 values covering 42 degrees vertically. The sensor was attached to a servo allowing it to create a 32x8 array of temperature readings surveying a full 180 degrees in front of the robot. Using this data, the coldest or warmest element of the array was found, and the robot turned in the direction of this element until it was centered. The array was sent to VB and displayed as a temperature map. Video of this display operating can be found at the link below.

A summary of the 3 major parts of the project are linked below.

DSP Code (The DSP Code is written in C)

Overhead Camera Code (The Overhead Cam Code is written in

Complimentary Angle code (The Complimentary Angle code was written in C)

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Video: Presentation (25meg)
Video: Presentation (28meg)
Video: VB-Interface(4meg)
Jonathan Piersall
Hans-Joerg Schuetz
Scott Verzal
Frank Ursetta
John Bussema
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