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Class Webpage - GE 423 Mechatronics Laboratory

School - University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.

Inspiration for Project - Illini Basketball Team


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As any fan of college basketball knows, the University of Illinois' men's basketball team finished second in the division one college basketball tournament this past March.  Season ticket holders and attendees of the final four tournament, it was no surprise that all four members of our group unanimously voted to build a "basketball" robot.  What could be more fun than to relive some of the highlights of this past season through our robot? 





We were not alone in our quest to create a basketball robot; there was another group that wished to enter the competition.  Although several ideas were discussed as to the relationship between the two robots, competitors or teammates, it was finally decided that our two groups would create robots to perform tasks from two of the most important aspects of any basketball team's game, and of which our Illini team happens to be specifically talented, rebounding and three-point shooting. 

Our robot was designated the three-point shooting robot, while the other group took on the task of rebounding.  Shooting, positioning towards the basket, maintaining the three-point shooting line and waiting for the rebounded ball from the other group were the main tasks/challenges that our robot needed to master.

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