Team Shotgun

GE423 Contest/Project

The Amazing Recycling Robot Contest 

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This contest has two major themes.  The first is to pick up an empty soda can, and while following the lit course directions, to place the can in the Recycle Area.  The second is (either on the way to the Recycle Area or after) clean the streets of golf balls (trash) and dispose of them in the garbage shoot. 





For the first part the goal is to pick up an empty soda-can at the entrance to the course and then deposit the can directly under the light 6 or less inches from the wall in the Recycle Area.  The soda-can is placed somewhere around the robot within 1.5 tiles of the center of the robot.  The robot must find and pickup the can and then enter the course.  In the course the robot must first find the center “Stationary Light”.  Above this light is an IR sensor that will detect the robot at that light.  Once the robot trips that sensor, either the left or right “Stationary Light” will turn on.  This indicates which “Refuel Station” the robot needs to visit.  The “Refuel Stations” also have IR sensors above them.  Once the robot trips the correct “Refuel Station’s” sensor, the “Recycle Area” light will turn on.  This light moves to a new random position each run.  The robot should find this light and place the can directly underneath the light.   The can should be put as close to the light as possible.  Placement error will be measured vertically (robot’s left/right) on the diagram below.  Course completion seconds will be added for each inch of placement error. 




For the second part of the contest, the goal is to find golf balls in two different colors and move them to their respective shoots. The garbage shoots are circular areas near the entrance to the course.  Tape will be placed on the floor to indicate their positions.  The golf balls just need to be dropped off at the garbage shoots.  If they roll away after being dropped off, it is the garbage shoot workers fault, not yours.  There will be 5 golf balls placed randomly inside the course.  The task is to move at least two of them to their shoot.  Additional golf balls found and disposed of will subtract seconds from your overall contest time, so find as many as you can.  There will be at least 2 orange and 2 light blue balls each run.  The golf balls will be placed anywhere inside the five “Golf Ball Areas” in the above picture.  When a golf ball is collected, the robot needs to communicate to VB application the X, Y position and the color of the golf ball collected.  Course completion time will be subtracted from the overall time if the color is correct and the X, Y position is within a 0.5 tile radius of the actual position. 


The task is to locate the X, Y position of the golf balls and move these golf balls to a certain X, Y position in the course.  For this reason, color landmarks will be located at two far corners to allow the robot to correct its dead reckoned position.  Also, the front corners of the middle structure will be color marked for possible landmark recognition. [GE423 Contest]