University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Course Layout


The goal of this project was to implement a program which would allow our robot to navigate the course depicted below. The robot must begin by grabbing the can in a position within 2 tiles of the robot, then proceed to the first stationary light. After tripping an IR sensor above this light, the robot will search left and right to find which refueling station the robot must go to. After determining which direction it is supposed to go the robot will wall follow until it is “refueled,” which in other words, trips the IR sensor at the refueling station. This will cause the moving light to move to a random position below which our robot must place the can. The accuracy of  this placement is one of the most influential factors in the final score that the team can receive. While the robot is on its way to drop the can off  it will be searching and collecting golf balls from the designated golf ball areas. To finish, the robot will deposit the golf balls in the respective shoots. The location of where the balls were found and depositing them in the appropriate shoot provides vital bonuses to improve the final score.  In order to see the problems and solutions we had in the duration of this project, go to the solution page.

Team Hope and the Destroyer of Hope