Group Number 2

The Team:

Derek Wagner                                                   Stefan Dao

                Derrick Pemberton                                         Kristian Pereira



Motion Planning: Bug 2 Algorithm

The robot has 3 processes with descending priorities:

1. Get the ball in the compartment if the robot sees a ball

2. Follow around the object if there is an object in front of it

3. Go to the destinations

Ball Pickup: Two individual claws and compartments

Sensor data: LADAR, Gyro, Optitrack, Camera

                We used the bug 2 algorithm to avoid objects while running through the course. The bug 2 algorithm uses a vector drawn from the point of hitting an object to the destination then the robot runs around the object until it gets to the vector again and will jump off and head to the destination. The LADAR values were used to detect the wall in the front left and right. The robot uses a right wall follow method to travel around objects. When it comes to picking up balls the robot uses two claws and two compartments (one for orange and one for blue). The code will pick up either blue or orange and then center the golf ball, open the claw, and run slowly and turn a bit to go catch the ball. It is able to collect 3 orange golf balls and 2 blue golf balls (the blue claw is not perfect). The ball code is above the wall follow code in order to make sure to collect the balls while running through the course. Once the robot runs through all the designated points, it will then stop at the two drop off points and drop off the blue balls then the orange balls. The destination process is the third process of the robot and only runs if there are no balls present and if there is no objects that need avoiding.