Group 6

Chris Johnson, Dan Chen, Scott Schilling, Carl Handley


Our robot uses a modified version of Dan’s “Bug 0” obstacle avoidance algorithm. Upon encountering an obstacle, it makes a decision on whether to left-wall or right-wall follow based on its angle relative to the wall. To decide when to exit wall-following and return to either going to an xy-position or gathering a golf ball, it uses its angle relative to that of the destination.

Visual Basic is used to display the robot’s position in the course. It indicates the destinations with colored circles in the course: the current destination is yellow, completed destinations are green, and future destinations are red. It shows the robot as a circle with a line indicating its current velocity, and has the option of showing a trail of where the robot has been. It has the capability to show up to 5 obstacles and 5 golf balls at locations indicated/transmitted by the robot. Our robot does not identify obstacles, but it does record locations and colors of all golf balls captured.