Team 8


Left to right: Chenzhang Xiao, Joe Brochu, Ray Fiedler, Cesar Flores


For our project we used a bug0 algorithm to navigate the map as well as a “flap” design for our ball grabber. A central case-switch statement was used to shift between the following modes: a point to point mode using the provided kalman filter/optitrack code, right and left wall following algorithms, ball grabbing modes for blue and orange balls, and ball releasing modes for both blue and orange balls. When navigating the course, the robot would begin in point to point mode and enter wall following (highest priority) to avoid obstacles and ball grabbing mode to capture golf balls. Wall following mode would exit back to point to point mode when the robot had moved around the obstacle and was once again facing its target. Once done navigating the course, the robot entered ball release mode. In order to capture golf balls, the robot would ram the golf ball with the appropriate side of the grabber, forcing the ball through a flap. The flaps were prevented from opening outwards by a servo controlled stop. When releasing the balls, the stop was lifted and the robot reversed quickly.



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