ME 360        Spring 2020

Fundamentals of Signal Processing, Instrumentation and Control

Lab Facility:

    Room 3073 ECE Building

Your TA's:

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Lab Sections

Office Hours

Ram Gorugantu

T 10-12pm

T 1-3pm

Th 10-12pm

Th 1-3pm


Shichen Li

M 3-5pm

T 8-10am

T 3-5pm

F 8-10am


Yagiz Olmez

W 8-10am

W 3-5pm

Th 8-10am

Th 3-5am















Lab Schedule:


Starts the week of....

Lab Handout. (You must print this outside of lab)

Lab 1

February 3, 2020

Lab1 Pre-Lab Questions

Introduction to Laboratory Instruments

Lab1 Data Sheet


Lab 2

February 17, 2020

Lab 2 Pre-Lab Questions

Signal Conditioning and A/D Conversion Issues

Lab 2 Data Sheet


Lab 3

March 2, 2020

Lab 3 Pre-Lab Questions

Interference, Instrumenation Amps and Strain Gage Measurements

Instrumentation Amp Info

Lab 3 Data Sheet


Lab 4

March 23, 2020

Lab 4 Pre-Lab Questions

Modeling and Identification of an Electric Motor

Lab 4 Data Sheet, Data For Online Completion


Lab 5

April 6, 2020

Lab 5 Pre-Lab Questions

Dynamic Signal Analyzer

Lab 5 Data Sheet, Data For Online Completion


Lab 6

April 20, 2020

Lab 6 Pre-Lab Questions


Speed Control of a DC Electric Motor

Lab 6 Data Sheet Lab6 Data Sheet (Word), Data For Online Completion


Lab 7

April 27, 2020 (Meets in Room 130B OPEL)

Lab 7 Pre-Lab Questions

PID Control of a Hydraulic Cylinder

Lab 7 Data Sheet Lab7 Data Sheet (Word), Online Version, Simulink Starter File

Matlab Help

Matlab Tutorial

Useful Matlab Commands