ME 460        Spring 2020

Industrial Control Systems

Lab Facility:

    Room 130B OPEL Building (Corner of Wright and Healey, behind the Jerusalem Restaurant.)

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Lab Sections

Office Hours

Lin Song  

Tues. 10-12

Tues. 3:30-5:30

Fri. 1-3

3-4PM 429 Grainger Library



Lab Schedule:


Starts the week of....

Lab 1: Dynamic Simulations with Simulink

January 27th

Lab 1 Prelab

Lab 1 Assignment 


Lab 2: Time Domain System Identification

February 3rd

Lab 2 Prelab

Safety Document

Lab 2 Assignment

Lab 3: Basic Control Actions

February 17th


Lab 3 Prelab

Lab 3 Assignment 

Lab 4: Root Locus Control Design

March 2nd

Lab 4 Prelab

Lab 4 Assignment 

Lab 5: Frequency Identification

March 9th

Lab 5 Assignment 

Lab 6: Closed Loop System Identification

March 23rd 

Lab 6 Prelab

Lab 6 Assignment 

Lab 6 Data for Spring 2020

Lab 7: PID Control with Trajectory Following

March 30th


Lab 7 Assignment 

Lab 8: B&R Automation Studio Programming

April 6th


Lab 8 Assignment 



Lab 9: Lead Compensator Design

April 13th

Lab 9 Prelab

Lab 9 Assignment


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