EagleCAD / Board Fabrication

The tool chosen to design the board schematic for the Segbot was EagleCAD. The schematic and board files are provided for reference and to generate the necessary files to have a PCB fabricated. Alternatively, the Gerber files, which are one format accepted by most fabrication companies, have been provided as well. For our fabrication, we used Advanced Circuits. The service was provided at $33 per PCB with an order minimum of 4 boards. However, there was a fifth board provided for free. Additionally, Advanced Circuits has student discounts for those with University or College mailing addresses. A student may order as little as only one PCB for $33. These deals and others can be found at Advanced Circuit's discounts page.

Detailed instructions for ordering a PCB can be found here.


Download Segbot Schematics and Board Files

Download Segbot Gerber Files

AeroComm AC4490 PC Interface

Download AeroComm Interface Schematics and Board Files

Download AeroComm Interface Gerber Files

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