Ordering Instructions

This page provides a walk-through on how to order a PCB from Advanced Circuits (as of 5/24/2011) using the Gerber files provided for the Segbot on the EagleCAD / Board Fabrication page. Ordering from different fabrication companies may be slightly different, but the process should be mostly analogous to ordering from Advanced Circuits.

  • When you are ready to order, complete the new user registration process on the Advanced Circuits site.
  • Once you are registered, navigate to the discounts page and select "Click here for more details" for either the Student Discount or the $33 Each special, whichever is applicable to you.
  • After you are redirected, log in with your Advanced Circuits log in information. Once logged in, download the Gerber files for the Segbot, provided here. When the download finishes, return to the Advanced Circuits order page and upload the Gerber files by selecting browse under where it says "UPLOAD GERBER FILE BELOW TO GET QUOTE and PLACE ORDER" and then clicking UPLOAD NOW.
  • On the next page under the "Item Description" section, enter all of the required fields. The possible fields are listed below.

    Part#/Rev# : For your records and can be anything you want.
    Xdim(in)/Ydim(in) : Dimesnsions of the board, which are 3.7'' x 6'' for the Segbot.
    Soldermask : The soldermask is the layer of material that goes over the copper solder traces. Select soldermask for BOTH sides of the board to prevent shorting by accidentally soldering two traces together.
    Silkscreen : The silkscreen is the information printed on the board to help with installation and troubleshooting. Select silkscreen for the TOP side only for the Segbot.
    Layers : Number of solder trace layers. In this case, there are only 2 layers.
    Quantity : Enter in the number of boards you want. If you are ordering the student special, you may enter as little as one board for $33, but if you are using the $33 each promotion, there is a minimum of four boards required. If you are using that promotion, it is recommended you enter five for quantity, because the fifth board is free.
    Unit Price : Calculated automatically or when you click "Calculate Unit Price."
    Finally, select your desired shipping method. Click no for ITAR (this project does not deal with defense or military related technologies). Also check to make sure you have uploaded the correct zip file of the Gerber files (f28335_cardv6.zip), and make sure that you have not checked the "Multiple Images?" box.
  • Under the "Design File Information" section, you need to designate what each file from the Gerber files for the Segbot is intended for in the manufactoring process. For each file, select the correct "File Contents" type listed below.

       .bol  DRAWING/OTHER - Board outline
       .bslk  BOTTOM SILKSCREEN - Bottom side silkscreen
       .cmp  TOP COPPER - Component side copper
       .drd  NC DRILL - Drill data
       .dri  DRAWING/OTHER - Drill use summary
       .drl  DRAWING/OTHER - Drill rack file
       .gpi  DRAWING/OTHER - Gerber plotter infomation file
       .slk  TOP SILKSCREEN - Component side silkscreen
       .sol  BOTTOM COPPER - Solder side copper
       .stc  TOP SOLDERMASK - Component side solder mask
       .sts  BOTTOM SOLDERMASK - Solder side solder mask
  • After designating the correct file types, follow the site's instructions and finish entering any requested personal or billing information to complete your order. Enjoy your new boards!

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