Soldering a Segbot Board

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Soldering the Other Chips

Now is a good time to solder on the other chips. The flip-flop, the dual OR gate chip, the EEPROM, the TLV1117-33CDCYR, and the motor driver PWM ICs all need to be placed on the board. Each can be soldered similar to how you soldered the FT2232D, or you can try to solder them one pin at a time. Soldering one pin at a time should be relatively easy for the two A3953 motor driver chips, and slightly more difficult for the other three chips. For these chips, it is important to place them correctly on the board. Following is a guide on how to match pin one on the board to pin one of the chip.

The marker on a chip or the silkscreen marker on the board may either be a small dot in the corner, a bar at an end or side, or a rounded notch at the end of a chip. Each one is pictured below with pin number one identified.

The marker on the EEPROM chip is a very small dot that indicates the first pin. On the board, the first pin is indicated by an end bar marker. For this type of marker, the first pin is the pin at the left end of the bar.


EEPROM Silkscreen

The flip-flop and the dual OR gate chips both have the same package. Therefore, each chip has an end bar to indicate the first pin. The first pin should be the pin at the left end of the bar. On the board, the silkscreen indictates the first pin using a small circle in the corner where the first pin is located.

F-F/Dual OR Package

F-F/Dual OR Silkscreen (F-F silk pictured)

For the A3953 chips, the first pin is located to the left at the end where the rounded notch is located. On the board, the first pin is located at the top of the side bar when the side bar is on the left side. Note that on the Segbot's board, the two A3953's are not orientated the same way as each other with respect to the rest of the board.

A3953 Chip

A3953 Silkscreen

After you have soldered all of the chips on, it is a good idea to next solder the remaining surface mount devices (SMDs), the resistors, the capacitors, and the single inductor.

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