Building a Segbot (with a Completed Board)

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Preparing the Battery

Due to the fact that the battery comes without the correct connector attached, you will need to manually attach that connector. Since we don't want to short the battery by allowing the power and ground leads to come into contact, only do work with one wire at a time. Begin by removing the insulation from the black ground wire. This is pictured below. The wire is not stripped enough, so strip off about another 1/8''.

Unscrew the connector and clip the end off of the ground connection. The before and after pictures are below.

Next, slide the plastic part of the connector over the two wires up to the battery. Also, slide two pieces of shrink wire, cut to about 1'' long, down each of the wires. This is pictured below.

Twist and then loop the strands of the ground wire through the ground connection (the longer metal piece you trimmed).

Solder the ground wire to the metal. Avoid using excessive amounts of solder as this will make it difficult to slide the shrink wrap back over the connection.

Slide the skrink wrap to the end of the connector. Use a heat source (heat gun, lighter, etc.) to skrink the shrink wrap, but try not to burn the shrink wrap.

Heating the Shrink Wrap with a Heat Gun

Resulting Insultation

Repeat the same preceeding process for the red power wire. The inside of the connection should look like the following.

Slide the plastic part of the connector over your shrink wrap and soldering, and screw it to the other part of the connector. Twist the wires together. At this point, your battery is fully assembled and should look like the following picture.

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