Soldering a Segbot Board

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Soldering TL1963A Regulators

Pictured below is the TL1963A-KTTR Adjustable LDO Voltage Regulator. A fixed 3.3v version the TL1963A is also necessary for this board. To solder one of these chips, begin by applying a small amount of solder paste approximately as shown in the picture below.

The solder paste isn't entirely necessary, but it may help create a better connection between the board and the chip. Therefore, it may allow for better heat dissipation. In addition, we hope that the large amount of ground plane located under the TL1963s may help dissipate heat as well. This ground plane is visible in the picture below.

The Shadowed Area is Mainly Ground Plane

Place the TL1963 on the board and press down as you align it correctly to spread out the solder paste. Try to make sure you leave a gap between the back of the chip and the end of the large solder pad. A decent placement is shown below. After you have placed it satisfactorily, solder each of the pins.

Placement of the TL1963

Soldered Pins of the TL1963

Next you will need to add solder to the large ground pad. At the back of the chip, place and hold the iron nearly horizontal touching the pad and the back of the chip. Then, feed solder as the chip and the pad heat up. This is pictured below.

Continue to hold the iron where it is and slowly feed solder until you see it flow to the entire pad. Add enough solder so the back edge of the chip has a nice rounded amount of solder connecting to it. Do not touch the TL1963 at this point as it will be very hot. The resulting solder job should look something like the following pictures.

After you have successfully soldered the TL1963A-KTTR on, solder on the 3.3v TL1963A-33KTTR, and move on to the next step.

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