Soldering a Segbot Board

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Soldering the USB Connector

Pictured below is the underside of the USB connector for this board. You will need to start by snipping off the black bumps on the bottom of the USB connector. We did not provide the holes in our board for these bumps.

Snip the black bumps off as shown. Cover the clip with your hand while clipping or wear eye protection. Also, if you want, file down the remnants of the bump using a metal file to get a smoother surface.

Clipping Off the Bumps

Smooth, Filed Surface

Using one hand, hold the USB connector in place. Using the other hand, add some solder to the iron and apply it to one of the large holes made for the USB connector. Try not to hold the iron against the connector for too long, as the part of the connector you are holding will get very hot. If the USB connector doesn't stay in place on your first try, let it cool a few seconds and try again with more solder.

Holding the USB Connector in Place

Initial Soldering

Next, add solder to the other large hole for the connector until it looks like the entire solder pad on the back of the board is covered with solder. Do this for the first large hole as well.

Flip the board over and solder the pins by pressing them into the pads and adding solder.

After you have successfully soldered the USB connector, move on to the next step.

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