The Segbot being demonstrated at the 2011 Embedded Systems Conference. You may also be interested in reading a related article featuring the Segbot by John Blyler, the editor of Chip Design Magazine, at the ChipDesignMag website.

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As demonstrated in the above video, the Segbot is capable of accurately wall following at a relatively high speed. The right infrared sensor controls the wall following when there is nothing in front of the robot. When the ultrasonic sensor on the front of the Segbot detects an obstacle, the Segbot is controlled to turn until there is no longer an obstacle. At that point, the IR sensor takes over again.

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In addition to wall following, the Segbot can also be remotely controlled by the accelerometer in the eZ430-Chronos Wireless Watch Development Tool, which takes the form of a wearable watch. The turning of the Segbot is controlled by the user rotating their wrist, and the speed of the Segbot is controlled by raising or lowering their arm. The Segbot is also capable of jumping in and out of being remotely controlled while wall following. The above video demonstrates the robot returning to right wall following when the wireless functions of the Chronos are switched off.

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