ME 461        Fall 2019

Computer Control of Mechanical Systems


Last Updated: 8/21/2019 10:02 PM

Course Syllabus

C Review Session Notes


Code Composer Studio Download Page


Install LABVIEW from UIUC Webstore


Lab Safety Documents


Using the Drill Press and the Dremel


Lab Documents


Lab 0 – Soldering and Introduction to the Hardware and Software

            Version Control with Git


LabView Assignment #1


Lab 1 – Digital I/O

            Lab 1 Prelab, 2272 Digital I/O CheatSheet (Excel), 2272 Digital I/O Registers


Lab 2 – Timers and Pulse-Width Modulation

            Lab 2 Prelab, 2272 TimerA CheatSheet(Excel), 2272 TimerB CheatSheet(Excel)

            2272 TimerA Chapter 12 Users Guide, 2272 TimerB Chapter 13 Users Guide


LabView Assignment #2


Lab 3 – Analog-to-Digital Conversion

            Lab 3 Prelab, 2272 ADC10 CheatSheet (Excel)

            2272 ADC10 Chapter 22 Users Guide


Lab 4 – Digital-to-Analog Conversion and Sampling

            Lab 4 Prelab, 2272 USCIB0 CheatSheet (Excel)

            2272 USCI SPI Mode Chapter 16 Users Guide


LabView Assignment #3


Lab 5 – Characterization and Control of Permanent Magnet DC Motors

            Lab 5 Prelab


LabView Assignment #4


Lab 6 – The Orange PI Zero, Embedded Linux, and I2C Communication

            Lab 6 Prelab, I2C CheatSheet

            2272 USCI I2C Mode Chapter 17 Users Guide


Lab 7 – Open Loop Motor Control and Friction Compensation

            Lab 7 Prelab


Lab 8 – System Identification and Model-Based Control Design

            Lab 8 Prelab


Lab 9 – Wall Following and Remote Control Driving

            Lab 9 Prelab



Lecture Notes


Signed and Unsigned Integers, MSP430F2272 Digital I/O Registers

MSP430F2272 Timer A0 Registers

ADC10 Peripheral

DAC and Serial Interfacing

Transistors and Op Amps

H-Bridge and Different Motor Types

I2C Serial Port

Optical Encoders

Discrete Systems and Discrete Control




Serial I/O Interface Application


Application (executable)


Source (VB6 Project)



C Code Examples



MSP430 Guides


MSP430x2xx User’s Guide


MSP430x22x2 Datasheet


TI Compiler Reference


MSP-FET430 Development Tool User’s Guide





LMD18200 H-bridge


LM741 Op Amp


Allegro A3953 Full-Bridge PWM Motor Driver


LSI/CSI LS7266R1 24-bit Dual-Axis Quadrature Counter


MAX3232 Multichannel RS-232 Line Driver/Receiver


TLV1117 Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator


TLV5606 10-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter


IDG-300 Integrated Dual-Axis Gyro


ADXL203 Precision Dual-Axis Accelerometer


LM386 Low Voltage Audio Power Amplifier


Key Fob DataSheet1, DataSheet2